Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How I Made a Lesson Planner Template Work for Me!

**{7.29.13} EDIT- Linking up with Tracey over at The Teacher's Chair to "Show Us Your Lesson Planner! How fun! If you have a specific planner you use- Go on and link up! :) **

Hey everyone! I normally am a "Tried it Tuesday" person… But to be honest… I didn't try anything! haha! I did however have a few requests from some of my friends and also followers that wanted to know how I put my lesson planner together that I purchased from The Modern Teacher's TpT store… Let me just take a second to say how AMAZING her stuff is! Not only did I purchase my lesson planner template for her, but also her Classroom Organizer… Sigh… I love it :) That's for another post!

A Modern Teacher

Onto the planner info!

I put together some collages that walk through my planner organization… I will be honest and say it took me probably 6 hours to get it absolutely the way I wanted BECAUSE I am a perfectionist and everything had to be printed exactly the same way and it couldn't have any defects… Don't judge… I also wanted pages to be printed 2 sided, so I had to keep putting the paper back into the printer to get it the way I wanted and my printer was being naughty..… But anyways, you asked and so here you go! :)

First my cover, she includes an editable version that you can personalize and I chose that one! She also includes a cover page that says "Lesson Planner" and the year… You can choose what works best for you! Next I have my contact info should I ever set this baby down somewhere (not likely) :) Then I have admin contacts and birthday/important event pages to help keep everything in check!

After the first few pages I have these pages: A blank important dates page, Classroom ideas page for jotting down ideas you see and would like to do (I love this page!), and a checklist page to help get things done! I love checklists :) Have you seen my Instagram page? Then you would know… ;)

It continues with my month heading pages that I marked using these fabulous Avery NoteTabs on clearance! WOOP WOOP! They are strong and you can write on them… I have commitment issues, and that's why I haven't written the months on them yet.. Haven't decided if I should write them or use a label maker… decisions, decisions… :) 

Next are the full 2-page calendar spread, specials schedule for the month, and a peek at the current month. This page is so cool because it allows you to set goals, objectives, what you need to focus on, and other areas of interest… It will be super helpful to see what I will be covering that month! Finally, after these pages come my planning pages. There are multiple options included in her digital file, but I chose the option above because I think it will work best for me being able to read from left to right each day.  

Finally, at the end of the book I have a few pages for notes (or doodles ;) ), more classroom idea pages, and a list of the common core standards for my grade level. I think this will help when planning to have a quick reference guide so that I'm not constantly searching for my grade, subject, etc… 

After putting it all together and checking to be sure it was in the correct order, I took it up to the local Kinkos/FedEx place and they bound it for me and put the black back cover on for about 4 bucks! Can't beat that!

I hope you loved this overview of my planner and I hope it helps some of you decide what you'd like to do this year! If you don't already have a planner, go check out A Modern Teacher's TpT store. You will NOT be disappointed, I promise! Not only does she have everything included you could ever need, but her designs are amazing and I'm sure there is one for everyone! If you have any questions about them, just shoot her a message and she will get right back to you! She is absolutely wonderful! :)

Thanks for stopping by today y'all! If you have any other questions about the planner- just drop me a comment below! ;)
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  1. Thank you! Thank you!!! Gives me some guidance!! I have a blog but have NEVER posted maybe when I finish mine, I will?!?! I really appreciate your willingness to share!!

    1. You are so welcome! :) You should definitely start up your blog again! There are so many amazing mentor teachers out there and I would be so lost without my blogging community! I'm glad that I may have inspired you to start it up again :)
      Thanks so much!

  2. Oh...I love this! Thank you for sharing. I love that you had it bound!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Alison,
    I'm so glad you love it! :) it's so much less cumbersome then carrying a HUGE binder around! I was also worried about the pages ripping out of a binder! With the bound version, I can take it anywhere if needed ;) I'm so glad you love it! :) Thank you for taking the time to tell me so! <3
    ~ Lindsay

  4. I am in love with this little planner! It looks fantastic! You did a great job putting it all together. This binder has a few things that mine was missing, so thank you for posting and sharing the tip about "A Modern Teacher." What is the cute font you used for your name? I love that script! You are all set for a great year! Thank you for linking up with me today. I am so happy to have found you. I am your newest follower and am looking forward to hearing more ideas. Hope to see you again at the School-Week Linky!
    Tracey The Teacher’s Chair
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    1. Hey Tracey!
      Thank you so much for your sweet comments! :) It always makes my day to get on here and read what everyone is saying. I'm glad that I could share something that may make your teacher planner just that much better! :) The name of the font that I used is called "KG Always a Good Time". It has seriously become my go-to font! I think its just too cute! :) Thanks for providing such an awesome linky party for all us bloggers to get involved in!