Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tried it Tuesday! Homework Choice Boards {2.11.14}

Hello to all of my wonderful followers! I hope that my sporadic posts don't startle you- but whoever said this was going to be easy was lying!... Oh wait! That never happened! :) Your first year of teaching is insane-crazy-awesome-blowyourmindoff-overwhleming... Oh I could go on! I am linking up with the amazing Holly over at Fourth Grade Flipper for her weekly Tried it Tuesday linky party!

However, I am so glad to have got a moment to sit down and write this blog post! In my classroom, we have been struggling with getting our homework done and/or turning it in completed. I could not figure out why because they received the homework packet on Monday, and then it was due the following Monday. So, they had an entire week to complete it! It wasn't that much either. I decided to make a big change and release a little bit of my control and to drift into homework choice boards. Now, don't get me wrong- I do choice boards in EVERY other subject in my classroom! I absolutely LOVE them and the challenge and differentiation it presents for my students. But, homework? I thought for sure they would complete the easiest ones every time and call it a day. So, I knew I needed to devise a plan so they couldn't!

I sat down and started to develop my choice boards and make it so that they would have to choose one of each of the choices throughout the week. This took some serious thought and patience as I worked and reworked the boards to meet my needs.

All I can say is WOW! These Homework Choice Boards have saved my sanity. I would literally just get so frustrated when my students turned in incomplete homework or not at all after a week, I thought I was going to lose it! In walks the wonderful choice boards ::cue beautiful music:: and now my students are being challenged at home, but in a fun way! They get to choose which "tic-tac-toe" they get to complete :) It makes me happy, it makes them happy- it is a win-win situation! I have uploaded a picture of one of my homework choice boards (I have one for reading and one for math) for you to see and you can also download it {FREE} from my TpT store since you are all so awesome! WOO! This product will only be free for the rest of this week- so be sure to scoop it up! :)

I hope that it helps another teacher out as much as it did me! :) Don't forget to leave feedback so I know what to keep or what to improve upon!

Once again, thanks everyone for checking out my blog and I hope that you are having a fabulous week so far!

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