Friday, May 2, 2014

May Currently {5.2.14}

Hello everyone! Are you still there?! I cannot believe this school year is coming to a close!! HOLY MOLY!! What a whirlwind experience for a first year teacher... I never dreamed that it would be this time consuming and stressful, yet truly amazing! But here I stand, and I can say I survived my first year! Yippee! For my soon-to-be teacher friends, hold on tight and keep the faith- everything always works out in the end! :)

So, onto the important topic of life- it's time for the amazing and wonderful Farley's May Currently! Is is a joyous occasion, and I always enjoy reading other teachers- but they get even more funny at this time of year! Ha! Is month is so incredibly busy for me- my birthday is Monday (Cinco de Mayo), we just got done state testing, grades are due for midterms, teacher appreciation week, last minute field trips, and the ever increasing list of IEPs to attend 😫 I guess that is just how being a teacher works! But, I wanted to takes. Minute and blog becauseI haven't in awhile and ice been meaning to... I hope to do lots of blogging in the summer time!

Here is my currently-

So let's discuss-

Listening- it has been raining all day here and most of last night... It really makes trying to be productive difficult!

Loving- my husband surprised me and is taking me to Disney this weekend for my birthday! We have annual passes and it is seriously my favorite place. He also made reservations at the Be Our Guest restuarant there!!! I am beyond excited and cannot wait to experience that!

Thinking- I cannot believe my first year is almost over! I started reflecting on how it went and I know that I will change so much next year, but I have grown tremendously in my teaching from August until now! I am blown away! I was also reappointed by my principal yesterday, so that was super exciting news! No pink slip here!! 😊👏 

Wanting- I wish he could just come home now so we could go! I miss my family a lot and we get o drive down tonight so they can watch our dogs tomorrow while we are at Disney! Yippee!!!

Needing- yeah... Jamberry is definitely the priority here.... Packing shmacking... 😁

Surprise- Lacey over at Fabulous Life of an ElementaryTeacher is such a sweet friend and we both are Jamberry consultants. Her TPT store is absolutely fantastic and her resources ROCK! They are fun, engaging, and my kiddos absolutely love them! I hope that you will take a moment and go on over to browse her store and stop by her blog! ❤️

Thanks for stopping by everyone and I hope to see your currently as well!!!