Sunday, July 7, 2013

First Time Jitters

Is it weird to be nervous about your first blog post?! I sure hope I'm not the only one out there thats intimidated. Well, here goes nothing! :)

Hello from Newberry, Florida! What's that?? You don't know where that is?! Well, not surprising- but to give you an idea, I live about 20 minutes from the glorious Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at the University of Florida :) So I am practically in Gainesville, just west to be exact! I moved to Gainesville to attend the notorious college and soon eventually found out that it just wasn't the right fit for me. I craved more individual attention and help from my professors and that- my friends- is how I ended up at Saint Leo University's Gainesville campus. It was the best thing that ever happened to me and where I learned that education (not Veterinary Medicine!) is my passion. Yes, you read that correctly! I originally moved here with the intentions of attending vet school, however He had other plans for me! ;)

Now here I am getting ready to start my FIRST YEAR of teaching and I'm so excited-nervous-anxious-scared! I didn't even know that it was possible to feel all of those emotions at one time, but I do! I hope that through blogging, Pinterest, Facebook, and TpT, I can reach out and gain some direction, mentors, and fellow teachers that will be there to help me when I just don't know where to begin. Sort of like right now! ;)

I truly am excited to begin blogging after following some of the other amazing teaching blogs out there for guidance! You guys blow me away with your innovation, creativeness, and true passion for all things education. I have big HUGE shoes to fill! However, I feel as though I owe it to other first year teachers and college students to offer my resources and help. Kind of like paying it forward, ya know?

Well, I want to share what I've been working on for my classroom. It is my first big project and I am just BEYOND excited! I told my mom and hubby that I just HAD to have my very own, personalized treasure chest for my classroom. I had a picture in my mind and I was bound and determined to do it. So as my mom and I are browsing through Joann's (my home-away-from-home)- there it sat on the shelf! The wonderful, dreamy, perfectly unfinished treasure chest! AND it was 40% off- BAZINGA! (any BBT watchers out there??)

Well- I forgot to take a picture of it BEFORE I began- Whoops! Rookie mistake… However, behold- the wonderfully decorated/mod-podged treasure chest :) So excited!!

I think the red/magenta and turquoise are GORGEOUS! What do you think?

Don't mind that adorable hippo in the background- I <3 hippos! :)

Can you see the awesome glitter I mod-podged on?

Oh yes, it definitely is one of my favorite things ever! I'm not done though, once my Cricut stops being ridiculous and will hook up with my Mac, I plan on cutting out my name in vinyl and put it on the front. LOVE IT! 

So what are your classroom projects for the summer? Anything crafty that you are adding this year? I saw an awesome chair on another blog that she decorated with her initial and other awesomeness- pretty sure that is next on my list! 

Thanks for stopping by y'all!


  1. Hey! I was a first year teacher last year and just started a blog this year! It's nice to see someone else at the same point that I am!! Hopefully we can learn from each other! I am your newest follower..I'd love a follow back!


    Style Closet to Classroom

    1. Hey Emily!
      I love that I have a fellow newbie out there to brave the blogging world with me :) Of course I follow your blog- it's AMAZING! ;) thanks for supporting me!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world. I am brand new too, but not to teaching. I love new teachers because they are always so enthusiastic and guys keep us old timers(I'm not really old...just feel that way sometimes. Ha!) on our toes! Make sure you take lots of vitamins this year, eat healthy, sleep well and make yourself go home at a decent hour from school. It doesn't matter how many billions of hours you spend at school, you will never be completely finished...there will always be ONE MORE thing you think of that needs to get done, but it will still be there tomorrow when you go back.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. Hey Alison!
      Thank you for the amazing tips and words of wisdom! I will have to remember that! The hardest part will be trying to make myself go home, I'm such a perfectionist and an "A-Z" type of person! However, my husband won't let me neglect him that much ;) haha! I truly appreciate your support and I am really looking forward to networking and getting to know all of the amazing teachers out there! I have learned quickly how amazing and supportive the blogging community is and I am so excited to see how it all pans out.
      Thanks again!

  3. I just came across your blog and love it! I went to UF and now live in Branford ( which is by lake city or an hour from gainesville). Neat to see someone from my neck of the woods in the blogging world :) Good luck on your first year!