Tuesday, July 14, 2015

TpT Seller Challenge Week #4- Follow Frenzy

It is hard to believe that this challenge has been 4 weeks since we started this amazing challenge. The ladies that put all of this together have been such phenomenal leaders and incredibly helpful. I cannot wait to see what other challenges they come up with to help push everyone to grow their businesses!

This week is a unique and really beneficial challenge because it connected many of us on a deeper level and I found some amazing people to follow and learn from. I truly believe the network of friends and colleagues this challenge has created will benefit teachers in so many ways.

I found a ton of new people to follow, but there have been three fabulous bloggers that I have just completely loved! They are amazing bloggers and really share from their hearts, so go check them out!

Since I'm a third grade teacher, I am always looking for others to connect with in my grade level. I absolutely love her page so very much!

Chandra's blog is ADORABLE! She has amazing ideas and I plan on integrating many of them in my classroom this year.

I am all about that Tech life, and Erin totally gets it! She has so many ideas for integrating technology into your classroom, I cannot wait to use her as a resource this year!

I hope you all enjoyed the TpT Seller Challenge as much as I did! I have gained so many friends and people to collaborate with! :) 

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Five for Friday! {7.10.15}

It's Friday y'all! That means another week of summer is long gone, but never forgotten! I have been working feverishly on my grad school homework so I won't have any this weekend- woohoo! Although I'll probably get a head start on next week's starting Sunday- is anyone else in grad school and feel my pain?! YUCK!

Anywho- Friday also means a link-up with Doodle Bugs Teaching! YES! It time for some Five for Friday- here we go!

1- This week my booty has been DRAGGING! I think I am super dehydrated because my water consumption hasn't been on point... So my goal for this weekend is to get all my water in each day! Anyone have suggestions on how to do that?!

2- So, my church always has a month of Sabbath during July where we focus on building relationships and fellowship. It is so much fun and Alex and I are really enjoying it this year. Tomorrow the Women's group is going to the outlets in Orlando and I am SOOO excited! School clothes shopping- YES! I mean- new purse and sunglasses count as school clothes right?! I thought so...

3- Have you tried Periscope?! It. is. ah.maz.ing
The connections I've already made are incredible and I always feel a surge of energy watching all of my TpT and Bloggy idols at the conference in Vegas this week! <3 If you have an account- leave your username in the comments and I will follow you! Mine is in the picture ;)

4- I really want to be crafty and make this... but I have no energy (see #1) and I hope to get my crafty mojo back this week! Isn't this wreath adorable from Confessions of a Plate Addict ... LOVE!

5- I love taking selfies with my dog... It's kind of an addiction, and she HATES it! haha! She constantly tries to avoid the camera when I have irritated her... But I just keep on clicking away :) I mean she is just so cute and cuddly! I think everyone should have photo sessions with their pups every once in a while... or everyday ;)

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

TpT Seller Challenge Week #3- Make Your Masterpiece!

I'm a little late to the party, but what's new! :) This is my #tptsellerchallenge post for Week #3 which focused on us creating a new or finishing an unfinished project! It was fun, challenging, and made me step out of my comfort zone!

I have to say, I had absolutely NO idea how much work went into creating a classroom decor kit! I mean.. I think deep down I knew it would be hard work (which is why I never jumped in!), but seriously- that was intense!

With that being said, I am SO incredibly proud of myself for taking the leap of faith and trying it out. I actually truly enjoyed it because I love making cute stuff!
Would I do it again? Absolutely!
Will I do it again tomorrow? Umm.. negative :)

I hope to make a new theme for my classroom, but I am unsure if I will change it this year or next. I hope you all love this all inclusive set. It is truly a work from the heart and soul. I really thought about what should be there and tried to put many different options in to appeal to whoever purchased and downloaded, including an editable version! Check it out and let me know what you think!

So tell me- what is your current classroom theme and do you plan on changing it?

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Currently {7.1.2015}

Gosh! It is so DARN hot outside! You can't hardly breathe when you walk outside here in sunny Florida- however I know I am so blessed to live here in the glorious Sunshine State, frizzy hair and all!

I absolutely LOVE linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade! Her Currently linky party is so much fun and I love reading what everyone is up to... Totally not stalking when everyone else is doing it! ;)

So here it goes!

Listening- My hubby and I are sitting in my craft room working on various things while the cleaning people work and he plays the most random music... along with singing along! Ha! He is a keeper ;)

Loving- My summer has been great so far! I have really been trying to relax and just get some down time. I am in grad school though, so the breaks are few and far between- but it has been nice to not have to worry about grading and lesson plans! I have also been a busy bee in my TpT store which has been refreshing with this TpT Seller Challenge going on. Also- my sister has her gender reveal this weekend and I am SO excited because I love shopping for baby stuff! I really am #teampink but of course am going to be ecstatic no matter what! This is the first baby of my sisters and I, so we are just a tad excited!

Thinking- I have really been thinking a ton about next school year because I want it to be seamless and I want to be ahead of the game. I want units planned and ideas in my planner before the school year starts. I also think organizing is a huge part of ensuring the school year starts off and continues to go well. I have all of these fabulous ideas in my head of things I want to do, but I need to hit the lottery first! Haha! I hope to implement some new practices this year such as consistent Morning Meetings and a new homework idea that will be completely different from anything I have ever done! I am really excited about the next school year, but I am also going to ensure that I enjoy my summer. It goes by way too fast! 

Wanting- this heat is insane and the Tropical Sno bus has been over here at the baseball park all week and we have missed them EVERY.DAY. By the time I remember, they are gone! I am determined to get one today! We have a church function around 6pm, so I am going to ensure that we leave early enough to go and grab one before. See, organization people! ;)

Needing- I really want my hair to grow faster! I love the short hair, but I absolutely love braiding my hair and doing fun hairdos too! I am really good at french braids, fishtails, and other fun styles and I miss doing that. I love the Starbucks Chai Latte iced and with a shot of espresso it is even better... I could totally go for one right now...

Allstar- My mom has always said I have the patience of a saint- so I think that is what I excel at! I was always the kid who got the very tedious tasks and completed them without a complaint. I have always loved delicate details and love to make intricate things when I craft. It is kind of funny because neither of parents are very patient, ha! I'm not even sure where I learned to be so patient, I think I was just born this way. 

Are you guys linking up!? I love to read all the fun posts... So make sure you head over and do it!

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