Thursday, August 6, 2015

Jamie Grace Concert!

So summer wouldn't be complete without a concert right?! 

Well, last night my small hometown church hosted an amazing artist to a sold out crowd of about 400 people! Who was it?? 

Jamie Grace!!! <3 

She was the most genuine and personable music artist I've ever seen. She holds true to her love for God and her beliefs- which is extremely commendable in today's world. She is a fantastic Christian artist who believes in missions with her whole heart, it was incredible to hear her speak. If you haven't had the chance to hear her music- go right now and find her, you will love her just as much as I do. She is such a great role model for girls and I can't wait to have little girls of my own to play her music to :) Here are some pictures from the concert last night- it was fun and full of energy!

My mother-in-law loved her! Like I said, she was so personable... Plus she liked my purple hair ;)

Our Pastor's daughter, Kendal, got the opportunity to get up there and sing with her! It was a dream come true for her and she is the one who organized all of this and got Jamie to come to our church! :)

Selfie for #everybitoflovely 

We also had the amazing pleasure of hearing Jamie Grace's sister, Morgan! :) They were so great! 

I hope you'll get take the time to find and listen to her music! 


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