Tuesday, July 14, 2015

TpT Seller Challenge Week #4- Follow Frenzy

It is hard to believe that this challenge has been 4 weeks since we started this amazing challenge. The ladies that put all of this together have been such phenomenal leaders and incredibly helpful. I cannot wait to see what other challenges they come up with to help push everyone to grow their businesses!

This week is a unique and really beneficial challenge because it connected many of us on a deeper level and I found some amazing people to follow and learn from. I truly believe the network of friends and colleagues this challenge has created will benefit teachers in so many ways.

I found a ton of new people to follow, but there have been three fabulous bloggers that I have just completely loved! They are amazing bloggers and really share from their hearts, so go check them out!

Since I'm a third grade teacher, I am always looking for others to connect with in my grade level. I absolutely love her page so very much!

Chandra's blog is ADORABLE! She has amazing ideas and I plan on integrating many of them in my classroom this year.

I am all about that Tech life, and Erin totally gets it! She has so many ideas for integrating technology into your classroom, I cannot wait to use her as a resource this year!

I hope you all enjoyed the TpT Seller Challenge as much as I did! I have gained so many friends and people to collaborate with! :) 

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  1. Wow thank you so much for such a glowing review!!! I'm so glad to part of your tech integration journey and I've loved connecting via the #tptsellerschallenge (I can't believe it was a month ago - hoping there is another scheduled at some point this year!)