Friday, August 7, 2015

New Blog Design and Classroom Sneak Peek!

Y'all- I. can't. even. Did you see how freaking adorable my new blog design is?! I mean- Lindsey Paull completely hit the nail on the head when I told her what I wanted and what my vision was. She designs all her own clipart and that means that cute little fishy (named Mr. Bubbles) is specially designed just for me! 

I cannot thank her enough for the beautiful work she did! I just keep staring at it... ;) If you need a blog design in the future, get in her list! She is full for the rest of this year (hooray!) but she still has spots available for next year! Click on her link at the bottom of my blog to find her website! 

On another note- I was able to get into my classroom Thursday and decided to completely flip my room around and I am loving the results so far! My space is a little odd and although it's a bigger classroom, I always have issues with having enough room for my student desks. So, I decided to try some new things and I am so excited to see how it turns out! Hubby and I are headed to Ikea today to pick up a few things :) Here is a sneak peek into my classroom! I can't wait to do my reveal! 

This is looking from the back of my classroom into the main space. I moved my kidney table here. 

Here's my moved reading area which I LOVE! It used to be in the other far corner and was hard to manuever around. This opens it up and allows for more natural light. I moved the student computers to where the old reading area was. I'm planning on adding some furniture from Ikea here. 

Another view of the reading area. Don't mind the mountain of stuffed animals! Haha! My kiddos love them! 

Be blessed everyone! <3


  1. It is so stinking adorable!!! Lindsay did a fabulous job!!!!

    1. Thank you! She was phenomenal and definitely made my vision a reality!! :)