Friday, July 10, 2015

Five for Friday! {7.10.15}

It's Friday y'all! That means another week of summer is long gone, but never forgotten! I have been working feverishly on my grad school homework so I won't have any this weekend- woohoo! Although I'll probably get a head start on next week's starting Sunday- is anyone else in grad school and feel my pain?! YUCK!

Anywho- Friday also means a link-up with Doodle Bugs Teaching! YES! It time for some Five for Friday- here we go!

1- This week my booty has been DRAGGING! I think I am super dehydrated because my water consumption hasn't been on point... So my goal for this weekend is to get all my water in each day! Anyone have suggestions on how to do that?!

2- So, my church always has a month of Sabbath during July where we focus on building relationships and fellowship. It is so much fun and Alex and I are really enjoying it this year. Tomorrow the Women's group is going to the outlets in Orlando and I am SOOO excited! School clothes shopping- YES! I mean- new purse and sunglasses count as school clothes right?! I thought so...

3- Have you tried Periscope?! It. is.
The connections I've already made are incredible and I always feel a surge of energy watching all of my TpT and Bloggy idols at the conference in Vegas this week! <3 If you have an account- leave your username in the comments and I will follow you! Mine is in the picture ;)

4- I really want to be crafty and make this... but I have no energy (see #1) and I hope to get my crafty mojo back this week! Isn't this wreath adorable from Confessions of a Plate Addict ... LOVE!

5- I love taking selfies with my dog... It's kind of an addiction, and she HATES it! haha! She constantly tries to avoid the camera when I have irritated her... But I just keep on clicking away :) I mean she is just so cute and cuddly! I think everyone should have photo sessions with their pups every once in a while... or everyday ;)

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