Thursday, August 1, 2013

{LATE} What I'm Lovin' Wednesday!

Hey y'all!
I'm kind of sad that I was so exhausted yesterday after my brain was filled with Kagan strategies that I missed my favorite Wednesday post with Covered in Glitter and Glue :(…. SO- I decided to do it anyways… today! I have to leave in a few to head to day 2 of Kagan training, so it will be a little shorter! Has anyone else had this training?! It is AMAZING!!! As a matter of fact…

#1- Kagan Strategies!!
I am in love with the methodologies and research that has shown how successful these strategies are! I'm sure you've heard of them, or maybe even do a few in the classroom- but honestly, nothing compares to going to the training! I'm preparing a HUGE post on them and I hope to share later today :)

#2- MULTI COLORED GLITTER TOMS!!! (yes that ALL had to be caps because these are GREAT!)
I received an email from Toms shoe company the other day with the new fall shoes.. OMG! I better start making some money QUICK! They were all great, but nothing compares to glitter :) I can't wait to get some of these! I <3 Toms! (P.S.- you can click on the picture to go check them out!)

#3- Nutella Oatmeal
Yes- I put heaping spoonfuls of Nutella in my healthy oatmeal :) They cancel each other out right!?

#4- My hubby :)
He has been so supportive of me through this whole process and has been there to help me every step of the way. He sent me the cutest text message yesterday wishing me "luck" at the training and hoping that I have fun…. I just love this guy :) He really is my Super Hero!

That's all for now! But no worries, I'll be back later today with my Thursday post! Leave me some love down below and tell me how YOU use Kagan in your classroom! Thanks Y'all!

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