Sunday, October 6, 2013

October Currently… Late of course :) {10.6.13}

Hey everyone- IT'S OCTOBER! I love October! The air changes, the moods of people change, and life itself starts to feel more at ease… Well, maybe not the last one lately, but the rest is totally true! I keep waking up every morning wishing/praying/thinking that it's going to be cold :) Living in Florida, that's pretty much a long shot! HAHA! But onto other (more IMPORTANT) topics….

It's that time again! Time to link up with the lovely Farley over at Oh Boy, 4th Grade… She is phenomenal…. and I absolutely love her hair :) I'm just a little jealous ;) So, here we go!

Listening- I love football and my husband does as well. I tell him all the time how lucky he is to be married to a wonderful woman who loves football as much as I do :) I'm sure he totally agrees!

Loving- Have I mentioned how much I truly love October?! The fall/Halloween decorations and pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING make me the happiest person in the world. I am pretty sure I did a happy dance, in my car, in the drive thru at Starbucks for my first PSL of the season :) YUM! not to mention, Sundays in the fall are for watching football… and sleeping- DUH! ;)

Thinking- I've been pretty stressed lately… but not with school stuff! Actually, we found out that a pipe in the wall of our laundry room has been leaking for some time now and it was leaking so slowly and for such a long time that it has seriously damaged the entire side of our house. We didn't know because it was seriously just dripping enough to not show on the wall until recently. This is like, we are going to have to tear the side of our house off-kind of damage :( We called the insurance company and they are not being that helpful, so my dad and his contractor friend are coming to inspect the damage tomorrow afternoon to hopefully get a better estimate of the damage than the $3000 that the insurance originally said. This damage is extensive and I am really worried about the repairs to be made, it's going to be crazy… But, as with everything else like this- I'm really trying to rely on my faith and belief that He will never give us more than we can handle, to get me through it! Say some prayers my me please! 

Wanting- November 5th cannot come fast enough! I absolutely LOVE Chris Tomlin and my mom, dad, hubby, and I are going to his concert! I am SO excited, I can't even contain myself :) It's going to be a powerful concert for sure!

Needing- I am pretty sure I wrote about this in my last currently, because I STILL have not gotten my hair done. It's actually pretty depressing, but to be honest- it just is NOT in our budget yet! I keep finding other things that take precedence… ONe of these days I will make it happen though :)

Track or Treat- TREAT! Pumpkin  Fritters, YUM! This recipe was one I found on Pinterest and I am going to try this week! This recipe looks so delicious and I am just CHOMPING at the bit to try it! If any of you get to it before me- feel free to share your awesomeness below ;)

That's it for now everyone! I hope that everyone is having a fabulous October so far and just think, before we know it- it will be December! :) I know, I know- you all are SO excited I just said that, right?!

Until next time!
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  1. I can't wait to try your recipe for pumpkin fritters! Thanks for the tip! Your blog is super cute!

  2. So sorry about the water damage :(
    The pumpkin fritters sound delicious!!!
    I love Chris Tomlin! So jealous! Have fun!
    I love your blog design! Adorable!
    Crayons and Curls