Friday, September 27, 2013

Five for Friday! Woohoo!

I'm so excited to link up again with Doodle Bug for her Five for Friday linky! It's been forever since I last did it! :) I just love reading what everyone has been up to :) One thing I definitely need to remember is taking more pictures! I just always seem to forget! That's one of my goals to be better at :) Here we go!

1. Realistic Fiction Writing (no picture :( )
My students used this week to plan, prewrite, and draft their first realistic fiction writing in their notebooks. I have to say, some of these stories are phenomenal! I have some of the most creative students I have ever met! So excited for writing this year!

2. Science Lab- dissecting the Lima bean!
My students go to the science lab every Monday and Tuesday, as well as alternating Wednesdays. This week, we've bee focusing on plant parts and how they grow. My kiddos are SO fascinated by how this stuff works! We dissected a Lima bean and they just thought it was amazing!

3. My church opens a coffee shop with a cause! 
I'm so excited becaus where we love, the closest coffee shop is 20 minutes away!!! That used to mean tired mornings at school, now I can support my coffee habit AND missions projects at the same time. All of the net profits go to missions. I am just loving this idea :) YUM! Not to mention their white chocolate mocha may have beat Starbucks ;) 

4. Donor's Choose Project- FUNDED!
I am still in shock by how fast my project was funded. I have doe of the most supportive family, friends, and parents in my classroom! My project was up for less than 8 hours! Can you believe it?!? I am just so humbled by the response! :)

5. Random thought/picture since I forgot to take pictures this week :) 
I felt like this ALL week long... Hahaha

Thanks for stopping by y'all! :) Until next time!



  1. Loved reading your Five for Friday! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hey Jamie! :)
      Happy Friday! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! I look forward to seeing yours as well! :) Have a fabulous weekend!

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