Sunday, November 15, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness FREEBIE!

Hey y'all!

Things have been crazy around these parts- I'm sure you have been too! 

Today at church, we talked about how being the light in a world of darkness is the only way that things will change. With all of the scary and horrific things happening recently (most recently, Paris) we need to be the ones to spread some good and cheer around! This really got me thinking about what our students and children are experiencing and seeing through the media and other people. I want to be different and give them a reason to show love. They need to understand that they can be the ones who spread happiness in a time of darkness. 

I've been dabbling in Photoshop this week after being given a quick, but thorough lesson from a friend and I.AM.IN.LOVE!!!! It is so much easier and user friendly than Powerpoint and I cannot believe I've been without it for this long. I know I still have a TON to learn, but I am ready and willing!

I whipped this adorable Random Acts of Kindness ticket up after my church handed out something similar to us this morning to "show God's love in a practical way". LOVE IT! So I made it kid (and of course public school) friendly and here you go! (click the picture!)

I hope you enjoy it and please remember to leave feedback when you download! 

Thanks and I hope everyone has a great week before Turkey Day! ;)

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