Meet the Teacher!

Hey everyone! My name is Lindsay Rodriguez and the writer for Just Keep Teaching! I am a third grade magnet teacher in a rural school that I absolutely love. My principal rocks and the teachers I work with are amazing!

I graduated from Saint Leo University, Gainesville campus with my Elementary Education degree in May of 2013 and am currently pursuing my Masters in Educational Leadership degree. I am passionate, enthusiastic, and act like a sponge when it comes to all things education related. The amount of time and effort that I put into my class and teaching methods far exceeds what most people are expected to do. I know it's cliche, but I truly want to make the biggest impact possible on these children. Their futures start in Elementary school and if we don't make education a priority, how can we expect them to do that later?

I married the most wonderful person I've ever met on December 29th, 2012 in a small, intimate wedding that was a vision of my dreams. Everything from the table centerpieces to my antique brooch bouquet was handmade by me and my group of crafty friends. He is an extraordinary individual who's main purpose on this earth is to help people, I am thoroughly convinced of this. :) He is supportive, loving, and can cook better than anyone I know!
He's my super hero! :)

My husband and I also share our home with two amazing pit bull mixes that are absolutely the loves of my life! They are my fur kids and are treated as such! We rescued them as 6 month old puppies from very bad conditions. After dealing with Parvo virus, heartworms, and other ailments along the way- I can honestly say that they are the best dogs in the world. Romeo is a gorgeous greyhound pit bull mix with dark brindle all over. He is strong, fast, and one of the most social, but calm dogs you'll ever meet. He just wants to be by you at all times :) Juliet is my girl! She is incredibly smart, independent, and is ready to rule the world. Nobody comes in our house without her knowing it and they never leave without a few kisses for the road. Her nickname is Lickety Lou because seriously, that is all she does! I love them to pieces and they have opened my eyes to the love that pit bulls can bring to the home and what it means to be a responsible owner.
Aren't they adorable?! :)

Now, onto my incredible excitement of being a blogger! I am so thankful for each and every one of my followers. I couldn't ask for better support within a community and I cannot wait to expand my network and meet amazing teachers along the way. I hope to accomplish great things in the classroom and I love knowing that I have such an amazing cohort to lean on for assistance and guidance along the way. So, from the bottom of my heart- Thank you to all the amazing bloggers, teachers, and followers out there! You guys are amazing!

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